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custom shower door installation

Custom Shower Door Installation

Install Glass Doors Without Any Flaw

Are you looking for seasoned professionals for your custom shower door installation? At Five Star Glass Services, we have a team of certified contractors to install shower doors for you. We have the most affordable shower door installation services to serve every client. Our secret to success is our attention to detail while installing the custom shower door panels in New York City and New Jersey.

Our frameless shower door enclosures are made of durable and quality materials. The professionally installed shower doors will give the ultimate value to your investment.

What factors you should consider while choosing custom glass shower doors?

We know that every client has different tastes, and it reflects in their bathroom renovation projects. We focus on every relevant factor to make the glass door installation process successful.

  • Obscurity-

    It indicates the shower door’s transparency. The higher obscurity prevents others from seeing through the doors. When you need privacy, we focus on the obscurity of our glass doors.

  • Thickness –

    The door’s thickness can make a difference in the sturdiness of the model. We mostly select thicker glass doors with high durability.

  • Frame style-

    Our shower door installation company chooses the frameless doors for clients.

  • Budget-

    Let us know your budget before installing your sleek and modern shower glass doors.

Why do you need our professional help to install shower doors?

For the successful custom shower door installation, you can choose our team. Professional installation is better than a DIY process for several reasons-

  • Prevent moisture damage- We ensure that your glass shower door is sealed tightly. It will reduce the water damage and save you from repair costs.
  • Keep away from injuries- It is risky to move the large glass panes. We use tools to make the heavy lifting process easier.
  • Better aesthetics- A glass shower door installation is a complicated and challenging task. We manage the glass parts in a way that does not cause damages.
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How do we work for custom shower door installation?

As we start with installing a glass shower door project, we follow a four-step process outlined below. With a detailed installation process, we ensure we handle every aspect of your project with care and expertise. Your satisfaction is important to us.

  • Free consultation

    We like to visit your house to identify the availability of the space for shower door installation. During the consultation, we will talk about your budget, door hardware, shapes, sizes, additional hardware, and customizations.

  • Take measurements

    Our professionals will start taking accurate measurements to fit the door properly. We use due diligence and care to capture precise measurements for your custom shower door installation project to avoid any issues at the time installation. We guarantee our installation and never charge extra for any mistakes on our part.

  • Choose the doors and hardware

    Based on your needs, your space, and preferences, we will provide choice of different glass shower door panels and accompanying hardware options to complement your bathroom’s aesthetic. Our custom shower door installation experts are here to answer your questions.

  • Install your shower door

    We are highly efficient in providing custom shower door installation services. Within a few hours, we can accomplish the task. We will leave your space with a newly installed shower door so you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of the upgraded bathroom.

Rely on our skills and expertise to install your custom shower door. Replace your curtain with modern glass shower doors. Old curtains with moisture may have mold problems. Thus, our glass shower doors are the perfect alternatives. We implement high-tech fabrication methods for custom shower door installation.

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