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Are you looking for the easiest and most affordable option for bathroom updates? Then, you can make the smartest decision on frameless shower door installation. You have reached the best platform to get frameless glass shower doors installation service, which make a smaller bathroom appear larger.

A properly installed door panel for your shower room will protect your bathroom floors from potential moisture damages. But, we know the answer to your most concerning question- Which are the most reliable frameless shower door companies near me? Five Star Glass Services is the perfect solution for you.

Some homeowners buy their shower glass panels and try to install them on their own. However, a minor mistake can affect the overall installation process or get an imperfect installation. So, if you are looking to hire frameless shower door installation near you, our professionals will come to you. You can engage our contractors while searching with a query- Whom should I hire for frameless shower door installation near me?

How we install your shower door panel

Installing a frameless glass shower panel is a complicated task. You need precise measurements, special tools, and perfect channels. To save effort, you can hire our professional installers. Our local shower door installation company will provide you with the best solution. Our professional team with years of experience will handle the frameless shower door installation quickly and affordably.

  • Build a glass template

    We take the measurement of the panel area using a tape. We cut a large cardboard piece to let you visualize the desired glass panel.

  • Metal channels

    These channels keep up the proper positioning of the glass panel. After measuring the opening, we will measure the channel’s dimension. We choose channels with pre-cut glass.

  • Mount the channels

    We secure channels properly to your wall. Our installers use a drill and screws to do it.

  • Install your glass in channels

    After installing the metal channels, we slide in the shower glass panel.

Glass Shower Door Installation Cost

Although there are several shower enclosure options, our clients prefer the frameless ones for aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Our installation services are pretty affordable. The overall cost for the frameless shower door installation can vary due to several factors.

  • Sliding doors- While some clients prefer sliding shower doors, others look for a frosted design to maintain privacy. There are also neo-angle shower doors to save your space. However, we are capable of installing shower doors of any model.
  • Glass thickness- Thickness of your glass door panels is another factor making a difference to the durability. The average thickness can be about 3/8th inch. However, you may upgrade the panel to half-inch glass. Consult with our team to learn about the glass shower door installation cost.

How long it will take to install your frameless shower glass door?

We can calculate the duration based on your chosen door style and additional features. We take a few days for proper customization of your shower panel. It ensures that the door panel will fit the available space perfectly. Our professional team will need 2 to 3 hours to install the door panels.

Why Choose Five Start Glass service for your Frameless Shower door

  • We manage the project efficiently

    Our contractors and sub-contractors will work with you from start to finish until the glass shower door is installed successfully.

  • We are a locally operated company

    As a local company, we give the fastest response to our clients. Moreover, you will find standard charges for our glass door installation services.

  • We recommend premium-quality glass

    We are highly focused on the material quality. So, we recommend high quality frameless glass doors for as it improves the look your bathroom and are durable.

Hire our professional installers and get a custom solution for your shower door installation. With our affordable installation services, you can expect a quality job with timely completion and you can add a regal touch to your bathroom.

Frameless Shower door installation – Frequently asked questions

Our frameless glass door installation prices are very affordable in entire NJ & NYC area. The overall cost can vary with the choice of your glass door, glass thickness and your bathroom.

Although there may be minor gaps on the door sides and hinges, water will not pass easily through them. But, make sure that water pressure is not directed to the seam. Moreover, our seamless installation ensures no leakage issues.

A single frameless shower door installation can be quicker than a three-panel shower door. We can complete single frameless shower door in an hour whereas a three-panel frameless shower door installation can take 2 to 4 hours.

Our frameless shower door installation comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty. This includes the hardware and glass protectant.

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